Espanso ships with a few useful terminal commands that can be used to interact with it.

Enable or Disable

Other than using the toggle_key shortcut, you can also enable/disable espanso with the following commands:

# Enable espanso
espanso cmd enable

# Disable espanso
espanso cmd disable

# Toggle between enabled/disabled
espanso cmd toggle

These makes it a breeze to control espanso from your desktop environment or other scripts.

Listing Matches

When integrating espanso with a script, it might be useful to list the available matches. You can so so with the following command:

espanso match list

Run espanso match list --help to find out other interesting options.

Trigger an injection

Another interesting possibility is injecting a given match from the command line. You can do so with:

espanso match exec <trigger>

where <trigger> is the match trigger.

This is useful if, for example, you want to trigger an expansion from a script.