Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust

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Also available for Windows and Linux

How it works

espanso detects when you type a keyword

Today is :date

and replaces it while you're typing.


Smarter typing

Avoid typing the same sentences over and over using the incredible power of a full blown text expander.

Best Regards,
John Smith

Shell support

With the full power of the shell at your fingertips, copy-pasting becomes obsolete.

Hey John,
My IP is

Custom scripts

Execute custom scripts as you type and boost your productivity for any kind of workflow.

Hello world

Emoji support

Emojis are now part of our lives, and with espanso, using them is a breeze.

This is so funny 😂

Date support

espanso supports a wide range of date formats and expansions.

Today is 06/12/2019

Code snippets

Bring your favourite code snippets in every application.

And also

System-wide integration

espanso works with most applications, so you can boost your productivity everywhere.

File based configuration

espanso follows a Unix-like configuration philosophy, using simple files.

Open-source license

espanso is open-source, licensed under the GPL-3 license.

Cross-platform support

espanso supports Windows, Linux and macOS.

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