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Version: 2.0.0-alpha ๐Ÿšง


TODO: think about structure

  • Basics
    • File-based config
    • Structure (location and config/match directories)
    • Explain difference between match and config files (profiles)
    • Files starting with _ are ignored
    • Edit shortcut (espanso edit)
  • App-specific configurations
    • Why
      • Disabling espanso inside an application
    • Available filters
    • Finding the right filter
  • Includes and Exclude rules
    • Example of coding snippets with VSCode and IntelliJ (take from migration section)
  • Options
    • Customizing the toggle key
    • Customizing the search bar
    • Hiding the icon
    • Hiding the notifications
    • Option Reference


Hi! I'm Federico, the creator of espanso. I develop espanso in my (little) spare time and I decided to make it open source because I thought it could be useful to many people.

If you liked the project, please consider making a small donation, it really helps :)

A special thanks goes to all the wonderful people who supported espanso along the way

Together, we will make espanso the first universal text expander, open to everyone.


Espanso is open source and hosted on GitHub.


If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please open an issue on GitHub.