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Version: v2.1.8

Install on macOS

Espanso currently support macOS 10.13 or greater on both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) architectures. You can install Espanso both as a traditional app bundle or by using Homebrew.

Install as App Bundle

The easiest way to install Espanso is by downloading the appropriate app bundle. Make sure to choose the right version based on your processor.

After you've downloaded the archive, uncompress it and move it into your /Applications folder.

Install using Homebrew

Espanso can also be installed through Homebrew, a popular macOS package manager.

Because Espanso is hosted outside the core homebrew repository, you'll first need to add the appropriate tap by running the following command inside a terminal:

brew tap espanso/espanso

Then, you can install Espanso by running the following command:

brew install espanso

If the process succeeded, you'll find an Espanso app inside your /Applications folder.

Users coming from version 0.7.3

If you're coming from version 0.7.3 or earlier, you'll need to remove the previous Homebrew tap first with the following command:

brew untap federico-terzi/espanso


Hi! I'm Federico, the creator of espanso. I develop espanso in my (little) spare time and I decided to make it open source because I thought it could be useful to many people.

If you liked the project, please consider making a small donation, it really helps :)

A special thanks goes to all the wonderful people who supported espanso along the way

Together, we will make espanso the first universal text expander, open to everyone.


Espanso is open source and hosted on GitHub.


If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please open an issue on GitHub.